The Online Blackjack Winner Club is intended to help and gather blackjack players from all around the world to share tips advice and strategy for the game of black jack.

The Online Blackjack Winner Club (OBWC) was founded in 2010 by Hans Jorgen from Sweden a long time blackjack player who decided to share some experience from his blackjack games and sessions which he plays mostly online.

On the OBWC you will find comprehensive information about the black jack game including rules tips and strategy and systems to help you win the game of blackjack. If you play blackjack and wish to share your own tips and advice, feel free to contact us and we will publish it so the rest of the players can benefit from them.

Other than the mythological system of counting cards there are other systems with which you can win the game of blackjack. Here you can find some of these systems as well as places where you can try and play blackjack online against the computer or against a real live dealer.

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world, just right after poker and probably the most popular game in the casino room, and this is why this entire site is dedicated to this game, to the winners and to the future winners.

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