Casino Blackjack

Whether you are playing casino Blackjack in a traditional land based or offline casino establishment or are enjoying a variety of online casino Blackjack, you should know a few tips and tricks for success.Casino Blackjack

Among the most popular of them all is the strategy which involves all of the cards with a value of ten. Remember, the three types of face cards and the cards imprinted with the number ten are all worth ten points when dealt to the player or the dealer. This means that there are sixteen of them available. A popular strategy for winning a hand of Blackjack states that it is quite likely that the dealer’s “hole” card (their downward facing card) is usually going to be a ten card. Because of this, most people playing a game of casino Blackjack will pay close attention to the dealer’s showing card.

The common theory states that if the online blackjack dealer’s face up card is valued at two to six it is quite likely that they are going to “bust” at the end of the hand. Why is that? Well, let’s do the math to illustrate the dealer’s dilemma. If we assume that their hidden card is indeed valued at ten, we know that their hand is going to then be valued at a total of twelve to sixteen. This means that they have a “weak” hand and will need to be aggressive if they hope to beat the players seated around the table.
On the other hand, if the dealer is showing a seven through ten card or an Ace, it is assumed that they are holding from seventeen to twenty-one, which are extremely “strong” hands. At such a time it is the player, and not the dealer, who will have to be risky and aggressive if they want to get as close to 21 as possible, and still beat the dealer too!