Win Blackjack

Have you pondered the ways that you might win Blackjack? After all, you might think, it is really just a game of chance and that means it is a matter of luck…right? Actually, it is a game that uses a bit of skill and strategy in addition to the luck of the draw. In fact, there are some relatively reliable strategies used by many successful Blackjack players, and one of the most common has to do with the “ten” cards.

If you want to win Blackjack you have to understand the way that the deck of cards impacts each game. Consider that there are 16 cards in any deck that are worth ten points in a game of Blackjack. This includes the numeric “10” card in addition to the face cards as well. This means that you have a roughly 31% chance of getting a ten, but if you want to win Blackjack, you have to understand what the ten cards mean all around the table.

For example, the dealer is going to have to always try to beat each player’s hand. We don’t always know what the dealer’s cards are because one is dealt facing upward and one downward. We can assume that there is at least one ten card in their hand, and if we cannot see that card we must still operate as if it is definitely there. This means that we have to know when to take more cards (hit) or refuse any further cards (stand).

How do we know when to do this? One of the most common approaches is to always make the least riskiest plays possible while trying to get close to 21, aka blackjack online. Generally, this will force the dealer to take risks in order to defeat the players’ hands. The “magic” number for a player to stand on tends to be 17, and they will then tend to watch the dealer “bust” as they try to make their hand closer to 21 than that of the player.