Blackjack Rules

Are the Blackjack rules for online games any different from those in the classic land based casino establishments? There are no fundamental differences, with the exception that an online player is entirely unable to use the common hand gestures mandatory of the standard casino experience. Instead, they simply click the appropriate button on the gaming screen to let the dealer know what they wish to do.

The Blackjack rules from that point onward will always be the same as standard approaches. For example, if the game is categorized as a “pitch” version, the electronic dealer will put all of the player’s cards in the face down position, but if the game is a “shoe” variety, then all of the cards are face up. The dealer will always have only a single card in the face up position, regardless of the type of game being played.

The way in which cards are valued will follow standard Blackjack rules as well, with an Ace worth one or eleven, the face cards worth ten, and the numeric cards holding their assigned values.

The game begins after the dealer reveals their one face up card. The players then decide if they want to “stand”, “hit”, “split”, “double down”, or “surrender” accordingly. Remember, the goal of the game is to hold a hand that is worth 21, or as close to it as possible without going over. Additionally, all players are also working to beat the dealer too.

The difference between the online games and the casino games, as already stated, has to do with the various hand gestures usually assigned to the player’s possible moves. When players opt to double down or split, they can tap the appropriate command on the game screen, and the software automatically adjusts the wager and the positions of the cards on the table.